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150D Quartz Crystal Test System





  • Computer controlled quartz crystal measurement system
  • Performs repeatable PASS/FAIL testing to easily defined limits
  • Broadband calibration
  • Displays and prints statistical and distribution data
  • Compact instrument size 




Frequency Range: 1 MHz - 60 MHz
Frequency Correlation: +/- 2 ppm at series, typical * 
Crystal Power: Minimum 0.5 uW/Crystal Resistance in Ohms
Maximum 1000 uW - 5000 uW
Crystal Termination: 14 Ohm Source: 14 Ohm Load

  *Proprietary measurement and calibration algorithms provide correlation to industry standard crystal measurement equipment.  



Series Resonant Frequency Motional Capacitance Power Level
Load Resonant Frequency Motional Inductance Capacity Ratio 
Load Capacitance Resistance  Quality Factor
Shunt Capacitance Quality Factor  Trim Sensitivity


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