RavTrack Complete Real-Time Tracking


Raveon's RavTrack vehicle tracking system is a complete GPS tracking system for public safety AVL, construction and mine equipment tracking, security monitoring, theft detection, dispatch monitoring, animal tracking, and equipment monitoring systems.  Because it uses UHF radio channels it is very fast, and there are no recurring costs or monthly fees with the RavTrack AVL system.

The RavTrack real-time GPS tracking system helps improve productivity and increase safety by showing you the "big picture" of how your vehicles are utilized.  Quickly locate your personnel and see where all vehicles are right now.  All in truly real-time, not a few minutes ago. GPS Position updates can be as often as every second.

The RavTrack Advantage:


Real-Time Tracking.

Position and status updates are available as quickly as every second. No other tracking system has as fast an update rate as RavTrack



Complete Solution.

Everything needed for a vehicle tracking tracking system or an asset tracking system is provided. No secondary services like Internet, cell-service, GPRS, Edge, SMS, or satellite service is needed. Raveon is your one-stop-shop for a complete Tracking system.



Works Everywhere.

RavTrack does not rely upon public wireless services, so RavTrack systems work in rural areas, mines, mountains, foreign countries, and deserts.



Open Software interface.

RavTrack transponders communicate with more 3rd-party vehicle-tracking user interfaces, navigation displays, and AVL software applications than any other.  From simple GPS navigation displays, to AVL dispatching and Google Earth, you can visualize your system as you wish.


RavTrack Features:


Featured Product:

  • Very Fast Updates. 

    Up to 20-reports/second.

  • Low Cost of Ownership 

    Raveon GPS Transponders are inexpensive and radio service is free.

The M7 GPS Transponder
M7 GX Transponder

  • Many Mapping Options                    Raveon's RavTrack PC is just one of the many software applications that work with RavTrack transponders to make a complete vehicle tracking system.

  • Quickly gernerate Alerts                       Alert by speeding, idling, geo-fences, battery voltage, proximity, zone speed, and many other conditions.
  • Alert in many ways                                       Alert the operator visually, with sounds, send email, execute programs, and log to disk. 
  • Prevent Theft                                          Alert when a vehicle moves when it is not supposed to. Geo-fence or alert on movemnet allows you to secore a vehicle, fleet, storage yard, or construction site. 
  • Monitor Sensors                                     Each transponder has 3 digital inputs for panic switches, door alarms, etc... plus built in speed, heading, altitude, proximity, voltage and temperature sensors.
  • No Internet Required                                RavTrack PC operates without the need for an Internet connections.
  • Google Earth Interchange                           RavTrack PC will pass vehicle data to Google Earth, allowing all vehicles to be seen on the earth image.
  • Rugged                                                         GPS Transponders feature single-board construction for extream durability.
  • Geo-Fence                                                       Sets perimeters for allowed/non-allowed geographical area, and speed limits within fences.

Raveon's RavTrack PC real-time GPS tracking computer application is for displaying, tracking, alarming, and logging the activity of RavTrack Transponders. This Windows-based PC application graphically shows the location and status of cars, trucks, people, or anything equipped with RavTrack Transponders. 

RavTrack PC Screen shot


  • Display vehicle location, track, and real-time status
  • User may configure map, icons for objects, screen-layout, and geo-fences
  • Alarm on zone violations, idling, non-reporting...
  • Map images may be created from any graphic, photo, of image file
  • ESRI shapefiles may be overlaid
  • Seamlessly integrates with Google Earth
  • Alerts based on geo-fences, speed, distance, proximity, voltage, idling, and not-reporting
  • Mutli-user system, with managed alerts and indivudual operator rights
  • User may add graphic objects lines, circles, boxes, points-of-interest
  • Integrated Crystal Reports for a rich set of printed or exported reports
  • All movement may be logged to database file
  • Log contains location, speed, heading, voltage, I/O status, and temperature
  • Log replay to show historicay positions and routes
  • Rich array of Icon choices and programmable track colors
  • Import tracks and Points of Interest
  • On-screen tracked-object status list with status
  • Built-in Crystal Report

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