Raveon’s wireless technologies span DSP, RF, and software, making quality radios that simply communicate farther. Raveon products have longer range than any others in their class, with much lower power-consumption.

When you need long-distance reliable wireless, think Raveon.

M7 UHF Wireless Modem 

Exceeding all FCC part 22 and 90 requirements, it features: 1/2-5 watts of RF output in the 450-480MHz (other bands available), range of 5-50 miles, ultra-fast T-R switching time of 3mS, store-and-forward repeater capability, remote “Ping” capability, voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, and a user-selectable RS232/422/485 interfaces. 

Perfect for SCADA, remote control, telemetry, and AVL applications.

M7 GX  AVL Transponser with GPS  

The M7 GX transceiver's internal GPS with TDMA protocol data make it ideal for AVL and asset tracking systems.  It provides the fasted GPS position/status updates in the industry - as fast at 100 in 5 seconds! 


RavTrack Complete Real-Time Tracking

For real-time GPS tracking solutions using the M7 transceiver

FireLine Data Radio Modems  

Easy to use, amazingly rugged, and exceptionally high-performance, these FCC Certified Narrow-band radio modems make telemetry, remote control, and wireless data a snap.

MURS Band OEM Radio Modems  

Radio modules with the longest-range of any unlicensed radio product in the world. 5+ miles line-of-site using omni antennas! Perfect for remote control and telemetry applications. Use these modules in your hand-held remote control, or in any product where communication range is important. OEM sales only.

Custom and OEM Wireless

Raveon has a variety of OEM solutions for wireless data.  If we do not have what you need, we specialize in creating and producing custom wireless solutions.  Our expertise in making long-range wireless remote control transmitters and receivers, can be used in an application where range, reliability, and performance are paramount.



  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

  • Asset tracking
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Irrigation


    M2M Development Service

    Testech Provide valued Added Hardware, Firmware, System Software for your M2M application and Remote Telemetry, Wireless Scada, M2M Application. We had provide customised HW/SW solution for M2M (SMS/GPRS/3G, Bluetooth, RF,  Remote Monitoring/Alert and Control Applications). Contact us for your next projects!

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