MURS Band OEM Radio Modems


VHF Band, 1-5 mile range, 9600 bps.

- Unlicensed MURS Frequencies
- 1/2 watts (+27dBm) RF output to 1 watt at 8V.
- Outstanding receive sensitivity. -117dBm!
- 1-5 mile Range typical with omni antennas.
- 5-10 time the range of spread-spectrum ISM radios.
- Programmable over-the-air rates of 1200-4800bps.
- Low Power Consumption
- Integrated Radio and Modem
- 3.3V CMOS serial interface
- Configured with AT commands

Unlicensed Narrow Band
Featuring the range and power of a licensed narrow-band radio, with the convenience and size of a unlicensed spread-spectrum radio, the RV-M3-M is a narrow-band VHF data radio modem operating on the unlicensed MURS radio channels.

Very Long Range
No other unlicensed radio can match the range of the RV-M3-M.  With a     link-margin of over 147dB, it will work well over 5 miles line-of-sight using simple omni-directional antennas.

Range Comparison

Radio technology

Link Margin

Approximate Range

Raveon RV-M3-M

140 - 150dB

1-10 miles         █████████

915MHz ISM, non spread

90 115dB

100ft 1 mile     ██

2.4GHz spread-spectrum

100 - 120dB

200ft .25 miles

915 ISM, spread-spectrum


300ft 1 mile     ██

Data, telemetry, or Remote Control
This MURS Data Radio modem is a 1/2 watt VHF data modem in module form, designed to easily integrate into OEM products.  Perfect to remote control, wireless data, and telemetry applications, it contains a high-performance transceiver with an integrated modem.  With over-the air baud-rates of 800 - 4800 baud, the RV-M3-M has incredible receive sensitivity, and outstanding communication range. 

Easy to Use
Configured with standard AT commands, the modem looks "transparent" to most applications.  Passing data between two RV-M3-M radio modems is as simples as sending a byte into or out of a serial port.  AT commands may be used to optimize the modem's performance for range, speed, system timing, power consumption, or simply to select a channel. Raveon will provide technical assistance with integrating this radio into your product, and obtaining FCC certification of the end-product.

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