M7  Data Transceiver

UHF band, 5 - 40 mile range, 9600bps radio modem

- Integrated radio and modem
- Programmable 1/2 to 5 watts RF output. 
- 19200 bps in 25kHz, 9600 bps in a 12.5kHz channel.
- Very Small size (5.0 X 3.76W X 0.95H).
- Very Low Power (<80mA in RX mode)
- RS232standard.  RS422/485 optional.
- Outstanding Range. 5-50 miles typical.
- Easy to use, yet fully programmable.
- Real-time streaming data or Packetized operation - user configurable.
- Each modem is store-and-forward repeater capable.
- Internal GPS available.  Programmable update rate.
- Standard Carrier-sense channel access or TDMA, user selectable.
- Sophisticated built-in diagnostics AND remote diagnostics. Monitored: VSWR, DCV, Current, and temperature
- 32 bit CPU with base-band Digital Signal Processing for exceptional sensitivity
- Low-power modes for extended operation off of batteries or solar power.
- Programmable serial port baud rates, and flow-control.
- Automatic error correction
- Built-in automatic status monitoring of modem performance and DC input voltage.
- Compatible with MODBUS and DNP-3.

Raveon's RV-M7 data radio modems are  high-speed FCC certified data radios designed for telemetry, SCADA, AVL, wireless data, mobile-data and remote control applications. 

Raveon’s new M7 high-speed UHF data radio transceiver increases data throughput in narrow-band wireless systems. Included in each unit, are advanced networking, error correction, and diagnostics.  It may be ordered with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure.  And because it is the only radio modem built using rugged “single-board” construction, it is extremely rugged – and cost effective. The M7 is the most powerful, most economical data radio available.

The Optional internal GPS (GX option) enables the M7 to transmit its position, data, and status (voltage, speed, heading, temperature, I/O bits..) a pre-set intervals using either conventional carrier-sense methods or with efficient TDMA channel access.  A GPS tracking system built with M7 transceivers, can track up to 20 radios with one-second updates or 200 with 10-seocond updated.  The M7 is the fastest most efficient UHF AVL radio available.


  • Oil and gas monitoring
  • Industrial control and telemetry
  • SCADA systems
  • Public Safety
  • Vehicle tracking and GPS systems
  • Desert Racing and Chase Trucks
  • Water, gas, and electric utilities
  • Water and wastewater monitoring



UHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem, 1/2-5 watts, RS232  I/O.  FCC approved for parts 22 and 90.



GPS Transponder using the M7 UHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem with built-in Trimble GPS , 1/2-5 watts, RS232 I/O.  FCC approved for parts 22 and 90.  See also M7 GX AVL info for more information on the GX version.

Programming Software:

Radio Manager is a Windows XP/Vista software application that is used to configure Raveon's radio products.  It is compatible with all Raveon models, and provides configuration management, as well as programming assistance, diagnostic information, and a helpful "band scope" feature.

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