M7 GX  AVL Transceiver

UHF band, 5 - 40 mile range, 9600bps radio modem

The Raveon M7 GX transponder is a rugged high-speed UHF (450-480MHz) GPS transponder with a built-in 12-channel GPS receiver.  It has up to 5 watts of RF power output, and operates as both a GPS transponder for automatic vehicle tracking, and a radio modem for sending and receiving data.  The M7 GX automatically reports its status and position are user-configurable intervals and events.  With an ultra-fast PLL and radio protocol, hundreds of M7 GX transponders in the same location can all report, with no interference or loss of data. 

RV-M7-U-GX  UHF narrow-band high-power data radio modem with built-in Trimble GPS , 1/2-5 watts, RS232  I/O.  FCC approved for parts 22 and 90.

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