Wireless Data  

Custom wireless data products.
Raveon Technologies excels at designing and manufacturing communication products which solve very unique communication needs.  From semi-custom products based upon our existing technology, to fully custom designs, Raveon can deliver a wireless solution at an off-the-shelf price.   Specialized I/O and network interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, RS-485, GPS, IRDA may be added to our standard products.    Other non-standard frequency bands are available.  Contact us with your requirements, and we will give you a detailed proposal describing just what we can do for you, how much it will cost, and when it can be delivered. 



 Wireless Remote Control 

Raveon's long-range technologies make exceptional wireless remote control platforms.

Raveon has designed and produced a number of wireless remote control systems that enable hand-held devices to control other devices from  miles away.  Battery lives of months and ranges measured in miles are all possible when combining advanced Radio and Digital techniques.  Raveonís wireless technologies span DSP, RF, antennas, and software - making quality radios that simply communicate farther.  Our unique combinations of hardware and software allow us to produce wireless remote controls, that operate in unlicensed frequency bands, which will work over many miles using simple omni-directional antennas. 

Raveon can turn-key develop your wireless device; designing, tooling, and producing a complete solution that meets your specifications. 

When you need long-distance wireless remote control, think Raveon. 


Custom Product Design 

Let Raveon design and manufacture your wireless product for you.

When nothing standard will work, or the cost of your current solution is to high, let Raveon design and produce a wireless product for you.  You will get a product that does exactly what you want it to do, looking like you want it to, and in the perfect size and shape.  And our custom products are often lower-cost than other company's off-the-shelf products! 

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