Asset Tracking 

Raveon’s new M7 Series of high-speed UHF data radio transceiver with built-in GPS is the fastest real-time tracking radio in the industry.  It increases data throughput in narrow-band wireless systems by using TDMA channel access and an ultra-fast synthesizer.  Included in each unit, are advanced networking, error correction, and diagnostics.  It may be ordered with an IP65 weatherproof enclosure.  And because it is the only radio modem built using rugged “single-board” construction, it is extremely tough. The M7 is the most powerful, and economical AVL.

For truly turn-key asset tracking system, the -GX option for the M7 radio modem incorporates a built-in Trimble GPS into the radio.  The M7 model RV-M7-UC-GX is the easiest-to use UHF GPS tracking radio made.  Featuring NMEA output compatible with most plotters and hand-held GPS units that have serial NMEA inputs, the unit is able to report its position and status (voltage, temperature, speed, direction...) in less than 50mS. Using its built-in TDMA channel access method, a system built with M7 can track up to 20 units with 1-second updates, 300 units with 15 second updates. or up to 9999 units with updates as fast as every 15 minutes.

When nothing standard will work, or the cost of your current solution is to high, let Raveon design and produce a wireless product for you.  You will get a product that does exactly what you want it to do, looking like you want it to, and in the perfect size and shape.  And our custom products are often lower-cost than other company's off-the-shelf products!

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