Quadros Systems Inc.
Coldfire LITE Kits

Quadros Systems has partnered with Freescale to bring you a low cost software kit for the MCF5282 and mcf5235 integrated microcontrollers. The LITE Kit includes a free distribution of the RTXC Quadros Real-time Operating System (RTXCss LITE) plus OpenTCP networking software, GNU development tools and sample applications. The LITE Kit is intended to give developers quick and easy access to the powerful ColdFire family. As configured it allows the user to run sample applications and utilized the OpenTCP/IP stack.

The Choice is Yours...

The RTXC family of embedded software gives you a wide range of options for developing your network-connected device. Use the free distribution of RTXC/ss LITE provided with the LITE Kit or expand your horizons with full source code distributions of RTXC Quadros. If the OpenTCP software is too limited for your applications, take a look at RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP, a full-function TCP/IP stack. RTXC products are royalty-free and (with the exception of the LITE version) are licensed with full source code.

RTXC/ss LITE -- FREE, Fixed Configuration Distribution

The LITE Edition is a binary distribution of the RTXC Quadros Single Stack RTOS (RTXC/ss) in a fixed configuration, with limitations on the number of kernel objects available.

The LITE Edition is available free of charge, with no royalties or restrictions on how you use it. It is suited for demonstration, evaluation, and proof-of-concept, or for small projects with limited functionality.

If you like the LITE Edition but need the flexibility of source code, kernel configuration tools, and no restrictions on kernel objects, then take a look at these options:

RTXC/ss -- Low Cost, Multi-threaded RTOS

RTXC/ss is a specialized real-time executive designed for real-time systems requiring a very small footprint and low overhead. RTXC/ss utilizes a single stack for executing both application and RTOS code. It delivers efficient and flexible scheduling with real-time, deterministic performance. Ideal for handling block data, such as in DSP applications, this well organized, real-time framework will give you the control you need to handle multiple processes, interrupts and timely execution.

RTXC/ss offers a wealth of features, but is easy to use, even for those who have never worked with an operating system.

  • Threads (very lightweight tasks) for managing code execution
  • Nested Interrupts support; private interrupts for zero latency
  • Support for six classes of kernel objects with more than 70 scalable kernel services
RTXC/ms -- Full-featured Multi-tasking RTOS

The RTXC Multi-Stack RTOS is perfectly adapted to a broad spectrum of applications needing preemptively scheduled, prioritized tasks. In RTXC/ms each task has its own individual stack to permit rapid, deterministic switching between tasks in response to internal or external events. Applications that support a large number of events will be well served by RTXC/ms. With the ability to use statically defined objects or create objects dynamically at runtime, RTXC/ms has the robustness for practically any job. RTXC/ms features include:

  • Preemptive multitasking with selectable scheduling
  • (round robin and time-sliced)
  • Support for static and dynamic objects
  • Support for fixed and dynamic task priorities
  • Fast context switching
  • Support for priority inversion
  • Support for 11 object classes with over 250 services
RTXC Quadros Single Stack LITE Features
  • Free download -- no license restrictions
  • Fixed configuration, binary distribution
  • Integrated with OpenTCP and GNU tools
  • Fully configurable versions available




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