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IrDA Stack

IrPro is a complete IrDA infrared communications application software development kit (SDK). This comprehensive development kit from Embednet provides you with all the tools and software you will need to develop and test your IrDA application on your target CPU.

IrPro supports an IrDA compliant primary and secondary protocol stack which operates at speeds from 9.6 Kbps to 4Mbps. IrPro is used to enable point to point infrared communications for portable devices. IrPro was designed to meet the uncompromising demands of the embedded systems market. As such, it is compact, dependable, portable, and easy to configure. As a primary stack, IrPro can be used in smart phones, PDA, digital cameras, palmtop computers, and hand held devices. As a secondary stack, IrPro can be used in medical devices, printers, storage devices, pagers, watches, and data collection devices.

The standard IrPro SDK comes with both primary and secondary protocol stacks which support IrLAP, IrLMP, IAS, IrLPT, TinyTP, IrCOMM 3-wire raw and IrLPT. Optional protocols available are OBEX, IrCOMM 3/9 wire, IrMC, IrTran-p, IrLan, and Ultra.

To find out more about the IrPro solution visit www.embednet.com





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