Quadros Systems Inc.
RTXC Fatfile

RTXCfatfile is a DOS- and Windows®-compatible file system designed for embedded systems requiring the attachment of PC compatible media and, in particular, flash card memory devices. RTXCfatfile is written in ANSI C and can be used on any system without regard to the target processor. It is designed to interface to any standard DOS file system compatible device through standard interface routines (read_sector(), write_sector() etc.).

RTXCfatfile has what you need to develop embedded applications requiring file management. And to assist you in your development, RTXCfatfile comes with sample application code and reference designs. You also get the security of MS-DOS and Windows compatibility, and of knowing that RTXCfatfile is already integrated with the RTXC Quadros real-time operating system.

  • FAT12/16/32
  • Long Filenames
  • Robust
  • Multiple Volumes
  • Mix of media types
  • Media Error Handling
  • Fully PC-compatible
  • Multiple files open for reading/writing
  • ANSI C compliant source code included
  • Standard API (fopen, fclose, fwrite, etc.)
  • Detailed User and Reference Guide
  • Sample drivers and hardware reference designs for:
    • MultiMediaCards
    • Secure Digital Cards
    • Compact Flash Cards
MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital Cards

This is probably the simplest method to add a DOS compatible file media to your embedded device. Quadros provides a range of drivers and reference designs for interfacing to SD and MMC cards including standard SPI implemented in either hardware or software.

Compact Flash Cards

Compact Flash cards require a more complex communication with a PC compatible media but offers performance advantages because of the wider data bus thus generally a higher throughput is achieved and in many cases a reduced CPU load. Where appropriate, Quadros also provides hardware design information and CPLD logic.

RAM Drive

RAM is particularly useful in getting a system up and running without any hardware dependencies. A RAM driver is included with RTXCfatfile.



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