Quadros Systems Inc.
RTXC Flashfile

RTXCflashfile is a high performance file system for embedded systems using integrated flash devices with no access to complex disc recovery software.

  • For both NOR and NAND flash devices
  • Sophisticated flash management routines for optimum performance
  • Standard API
  • Fully integrated with RTXC Quadros real-time operating system and RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software.
  • 100% safe from power loss and reset
    • Restores to the previous completed state
  • High performance
    • Designed to make the most efficient use of the underlying flash device(s). No flash translation layer.
  • Wear leveling
    • Manages flash blocks so as not to over use any one block
  • Write-caching system
    • Stores only the changes to the file descriptor tables in flash, allowing many updates with an absolute minimum of flash chip usage
  • Intelligent flash management
    • Bad flash sectors are automatically isolated
    • Can establish reserved sectors
  • Long filename support
    • Supports file names of almost unlimited length
  • Multiple volumes
    • Each volume must have its own driver routine
  • Multiple simultaneous files open
    • On a single volume or on different volumes
  • ECC algorithms (NAND)
  • ANSI C compliant C source code provided
  • Graphical analysis tool
    • Assists in weighing design trade-offs between configuration parameters such as sector size, flash page size, and write cache size
  • Easy integration with all standard flash devices; extensive library of drivers
  • Extensive documentation




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