Quadros Systems Inc.
RTXC Bridge

RTXCbridge is an application migration utility and library of services that makes it possible for users of RTXC 3.2 to upgrade to the more powerful and flexible RTXC Quadros RTOS while reusing legacy code.

Application Transparency and Code Efficiency

To the application code, RTXCbridge looks like the standard RTXC 3.2 API library. It sits between the RTXC 3.2 application code and the RTXC Quadros RTOS API library, efficiently translating RTXC 3.2 kernel services to those of RTXC Quadros. Many of the translations are one-to-one with similar services in RTXC Quadros, making them very efficient.

Access to RTXC Quadros features and middleware

Make use of the more powerful services and integrated communications tacks and middleware offered by RTXC Quadros to meet new requirements while preserving investments in legacy application code. Stacks and middleware include RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP v4/v6, RTXCflashfile, GUI development tools, USB, CAN and more.

Reduced risk

Through retention and re-use of application code developers can minimize costs or time delays that accompany re-qualification or re-validation procedures. New applications can be added to execute harmoniously with legacy applications.

Cost-effective - FREE with upgrade to RTXC Quadros

Your costs are minimized because Quadros Systems is offering RTXCbridge free to customers who upgrade to RTXC Quadros.

Feature comparison between RTXC 3.2 and RTXC Quadros
Attributes RTXC 3.2 RTXC Quadros
Code Size Fully-configured * <23 Kbytes Fully-configured* <30 Kbytes
Process Model Multi-tasking only\ 4-kernel family with common API
DSP/data processing
Control processing
Convergent processing
Kernel Scaling Manual editing of configuration switches RTXCgen GUI-based
configuration tool
Class level scaling
Class property scaling
Smart handling of associations and relationships
Shows memory utilization
Generates code
Application Object Definition SysGen command line tool RTXCgen GUI utility
High level definition of objects through dialog boxes
Timers Time-based operation management (See Alarms, Counters, Event Sources)
Alarms, Counters, Event Sources N/A Unified management of time-based and non time-based events
Exceptions N/A Interrupt vector management
Pipes N/A Low overhead, block-oriented data passing






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