Quadros Systems Inc.
Blackfin Kits
FREE DEMONSTRATION! Experience for yourself the dramatic efficiencies of convergent processing using the RTXC Quadros dual mode RTOS and Blackfin processors.

Quadros System has created two test applications. These tests provide a side-by side comparison of a traditional event-driven, multi-tasking RTOS (RTXC/ms) against the RTXC dual mode RTOS (RTXC/dm), when running a dataflow, computationally intensive application - audio decoding and playback. Each part is a separate package, involving a different RTOS configuration, one a traditional preemptive scheduling, multitasking model, and the other the unique RTXC Dual Mode RTOS that supports the convergent processing nature of the Blackfin processor.

Both demos play back music from encoded Ogg Vorbis files. No special equipment is required other than the BF533 EZ-KIT Lite, Visual DSP++ development tools and some standard speakers.

Click here to read the white paper that describes the data we gathered when we ran the two operating systems side by side.

Click here to access the download page and try the demonstration for yourself. Registered users will receive notification of updates. The download includes step-by-step instructions.





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