Quadros Systems Inc.
RTXC Quadros for ColdFire 5282

Freescale, Quadros Systems and Metrowerks have partnered to provide a complete hardware/software solution for networked embedded control based on the new ColdFire MCF5282 microcontroller. The development-ready solution includes the RTXC Quadros real-time operating system, integrated networking software and CodeWarrior Development Tools. The solution is designed to allow for ease of use and fast development by users of all experience levels.

The new MCF5282 processor is the first 32-bit processor to include integrated Ethernet MAC and on-chip flash memory (512K). Other features include integrated CAN support with 16 message buffers, three UARTs with DMA support, QPSI with 4 chip selects,multiple timers and much more. Samples will be available in Q1 2003.

Three versions of the software suite are available at a range of prices and functionality to meet the needs of all experience levels - from first time users to experienced users.

The RTXC Quadros for MCF5282 Special Edition is Free and offers a fixed binary image that supports a limited number of tasks and network connections. This version requires no NRE, license or royalties.

The Standard Edition is a configurable binary version providing flexibility in number of tasks, network connections and memory requirements. This is suitable for advanced embedded control and networking and is available for a license fee per project of $17,500*.

Lastly, the Professional Edition is a fully configurable version with source code that supports a wide range of configuration options and code scaling. This package delivers optimal performance and design flexibility and is available for a license fee per project of $31,500*.

For the product datasheet click here

For more information on this development-ready package, visit http://www.motorola.com/ColdFire

*Prices listed do not include the Metrowerks CodeWarrior tools.

RTXC Quadros Operating System Features
  • Complete source code
  • Multiple scheduling models and policies
  • Deterministic design for critical applications
  • Support for 11 object classes including threads, tasks, levels and pipes
  • More than 300 fully scalable kernel services
  • Support for multiple independent variables, including time
  • RTXCgen graphical configuration tool (only available with full source code version)
  • Kernel awareness module for CodeWarrior debugger
  • Comprehensive user manuals
  • For more information about RTXC Quadros, visit the RTXC Quadros page.
RTXCnet Quadnet Modules Included
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack for easy application connectivity -- includes TCP, IP, ARP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, SLIP, DHCP client, IP routing,
  • Integrated web server for remote access to your device -- includes HTTP v1.1 , SSI, CGI interface, virtual file system
  • SMTP client for generating e-mail alerts
  • TFTP client and included routines for remote firmware updates
  • SNTP client for getting the current time from an SNTP or NTP server
  • 10/100 Ethernet driver
Popular Applications for Embedded Networking
Industrial Control
Serial-to-Ethernet Gateways
Programmable Controllers
Data Acquisition

Network Printing
Inventory Management

Data Logging
Remote Diagnostics
Equipment Monitoring

Security and Building Control
Access/Egress Controls
Fire Prevention Systems
Environmental Controls

Home/Home Office
Ethernet Gateways
Remote Monitoring
Utility Monitoring

Test and Measurement
Remote measurement
Data Acquisition



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