Embedded Development Tools for 16/32Bit Microcontrollers TriCore TC1130, TC166ED, XC164, ARM7, ARM9

With 'Universal Debug Engine' (UDE) pls offers on top solutions for software development of systems-on-silicon including debug support for the 16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers C16x, C166, ST10, XC16x, XC166, C166S V2, SDA6000, TriCore from Infineon and STMicroelectronics and ARM7, ARM9 derivatives in a new multicore debug environment as well as technical support. The extensive feature list includes functions like: high speed and flexible target access via JTAG OCDS L1 and OCDS L2, ETM, ASC, SSC, 3Pin and CAN, in-system programming of FLASH / OTP with UDE MemTool, support of various RTOS, OSEK and test automation tools.
Newest TriCore derivatives TC1100, TC1115, TC1130, TC1796, the XC161 and XC167 from Infineon and the ARM7 TDMI derivates STR710, STR711, STR712, STR720 LPC21 xx, LPC22 xx and ARM9 Derivate AT91 are supported !

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pls supports 16 bit and 32 bit Microcontrollers from Infineon, STMicroelectronics, ARM and other.

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