C166 or CARM Compiler Package

The Keil C166 compiler is designed for all derivatives of the XC16x / C16x / ST10 microcontroller families. All special features and peripherals of the controllers are accessible in C. ANSI-C is supported completely. The generated program code shows compact size and excellent performance.


C166 / XC16x / ST10 architecture support

  • All derivatives of the XC16x / C16x / ST10 architecture are supported.
  • 7 memory models with 64kByte near data each
  • Full pointer support for the 16K page architecture
  • Memory keywords: near, far, huge, sdata and idata
  • C-level access to Special Function Registers
  • C-level access to special MCU instructions
  • Special data types like bit and sfr
  • C-level interrupt functions, register banks and PEC
  • User stack model is not supported.

ARM architecture support

  • All ARM7/9 derivatives are supported.
  • ARM Mode and Thumb Mode Code Generation
  • Function Attributes for Hardware Support
  • C-level interrupt functions.
  • User stack model for function calls supported (to speed up RTOS task switches).

Other Compiler Features

  • Inline assembly
  • IEEE floating-point operations
  • Reentrant code and libraries

Library Set

  • C-interface and runtime library (different models)
  • Floating point libraries
  • Reentrant Run-time Library
  • Thread-safe Floating-point Operations.

Debugging Support

  • Symbolic information for HLL-debugging
  • The absolute object module (.abs file, OMF 166 format) needed for C-level high-performance debugging

The C Compiler Package Includes:

  • Assembler
  • Linker/ Locater
  • Object file converter
  • Library manager

Support and updates for 1 year.

RTOS Support

  • RTX 166 (Keil )
  • ARTX-ARM (Keil )
  • CMX-RTX (CMX Company)


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