CASE Tools

From Design to Visual Debugging Using One Uniform Graphical User Interface

Forced to save time in development ? Well, who doesn't... Just take a CASE tool and you will get immediate overview about your embedded application. And it even supports you when documenting the project !

EasyCODE - CASE Tool Editor for Advanced Nassi Shneiderman Charts (ANSC)

CASE Tools With EasyCODE, developers can write C/C++ programs at the graphical level of Advanced Nassi Shneiderman Charts. EasyCODE generates C/C++ source code from structogram input. EasyCODE can read any C/C++ source file and display it at structogram level too.

Additional hierarchy data is stored as C/C++ comment lines. This way, the developer works with one consistent file even if it is modified by a simple text editor.

Even using 'ancient' C/C++ source files created without EasyCODE is possible !

Additionally, EasyCODE offers a considerable number of printing and documentation features. With OLE, structograms may be embedded in your program documentation. If the program code is modified the documentation will be adjusted - automatically !

UDE and EasyCODE are optimum integrated tools for Structured Programming and Visual Debugging based on ANSC !

Product Features

  • Structured Programming based on ANSC
  • Full C/C++ Support
  • Convenient Graphical Structogram Editor
  • In-place Text Editor
  • Source Code Generator
  • Source Code Analyzer
  • Powerful print functions (Hierarchical Print, Fit To Page, Enhanced Preview)
  • OLE support for documentation
  • Compiler / Browser / Help Interface
  • C/C++ source code format
  • Programmable Debugger Interface

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