ADS ARMŪ Developer Suite Compiler

The ARMŪ and ThumbŪ C/C++ compiler is designed for derivatives of the ARM microcontroller families. All special features and peripherals of the controllers are accessible in C. ISO C is supported completely.

ARM architecture support

  • All derivatives of the ARM7T architecture supported.
  • Support of ARM Procedure Call Standard
  • 32bit ARM and 16bit Thumb instruction code
  • Little-endian and big-endian format supported.

Other Compiler Features

  • C++ exception handling is fully supported by the compiler.
  • Read/Write data compression/decompression.
  • Support for some GCC source language extensions.

The C Compiler Package Includes:

  • Assembler
  • Linker / Locater
  • Library Manager
  • Make Utility

Library Set

  • C/C++ interface and runtime library (compiled versions)
  • All library sources written in C or Assembly
  • Floating point libraries
  • CAN libraries as well as Infineon CAN protocol software sources
ARM, EmbeddedICE and Thumb are a registered trademarks of ARM Limited. ARM7, ARM9 and Embedded Trace Macrocell, are trademarks of ARM Limited.


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