8051 microcontrollers

Phyton has been delivering highest quality with the PICE-51 in-circuit emulators for over five years. Even though our customers' feedback has been very positive, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product. We have recently announced a new PICE-52 model that provides all major functions of the old model yet supports many more 8051 derivatives, thus offering developers more features for the same price.

However, a few 8051 derivatives from Dallas Semiconductor and Philips are supported by PICE-51 only. Please be sure to check if PICE-52 supports your target; if it does not, repeat search in the PICE-51 data base. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need our assistance.

PICE-52 and PICE-51 - what is similar and what is different in the tools?

Major features PICE-51 (old) PICE-52 (new)
Enhanced Hook emulation of the Atmel 8xC51Rx2, CC01/02/03, 8xC511x, others. Accurate support to Philips LPC, Rx2, Winbond W77 Turbo MCUs, and others No Yes
Emulation of the DS8xC310/320/520/530 from Dallas Semiconductor, 89C660/662/664/668 and 8xC552/554 from Philips (12-clock derivatives) Yes No
Programmable switching from 12- to 6-clock mode (fewer MCU modules and less money are needed to support same targets) No Yes
Max clock frequency, MHz 33 80
Max on-ICE code memory, byte 256K 2M
Max on-ICE Xdata memory, byte 256K 512K
Trace buffer, max 16K x 64 64K x 128
Memory coverage feature No Yes
Voltage regulator self-adjustable to the target No Yes
PC hosted via RS-232C RS-232C & USB
Free software command set debugger/simulator No Yes
Case (enslosure) No, open unit Yes, plastic
Implemented as a palm-size emulator header plugging directly into the target socket Yes, 75x75 mm (3"x3") footprint Yes, 95x70 mm footprint
Embedded IDE and a macro assembler Yes Yes
Project-level integration with Keil, Raisonance and IAR compilers - edit, compile and debug in one IDE Yes Yes
Sorce-level debugging for Keil, IAR, Raisonance, TASKING, Hi-Tech, Crossware, Avocet and Intel compilers Yes Yes
Embedded C-like script language Yes Yes

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