Development Tools

Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers

   USB-hosted JTAG debugger bundled with a C compiler of your choice...

8051 microcontrollers

    Get more features for less than you pay elsewhere...

Atmel AVRŽ microcontrollers

    High-end emulator for professionals who need tracing, complex breakpoints, etc.

PICmicroŽ microcontrollers

    Pay less than you do for the Microchip IC2000 and get more high-end features...

XEMICS CoolRISC™ microcontrollers

    Cool ICE for CoolRISC! The only emulator for XEMICS microcontrollers in the market

Sensory RSC4X microcontrollers

    The only complete HW/SW toolset for the RSC4x speech chip in the market .

80196 microcontrollers

    Get an integrated hardware/software toolset for half the price you pay elsewhere…

Device Programming

    Small, fast, and affordable programmers for thousands of programmable devices

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