Linux on phyCORE-XScale/PXA270

Linux Board Support Package (BSP) for phyCORE-PXA270

Price: $399 per unit

phyCORE-PXA270 support:

  • Linux Version 2.6.16
  • NOR Flash Memory
  • SD/MMC external memory (available with Viosoft distribution)
  • Sharp LQ084V1DG21 and compatible LCD displays (640x480, 8- & 16-bit Codecs)
  • PWM#0 for LCD backlight brightness
  • PWM#1 for motor speed on GPIO Expander Board
  • Generic GPIO driver
  • GPIO 19 for motor direction out
  • GPIO 14 for Key1 event input
  • GPIO 86 for Key2 event input
  • GPIO 87 for Key3 event input
  • GPIO 91 is used as light sensor event input
  • Industrial I/O driver framework (coming soon)
  • CAN (SJA1000), CAN framework "Socket-CAN"
  • Ethernet LAN91C111
  • LCD Video support: Standard PXA270 video support
  • LCD Backlight support (PWM#0)
  • SPI unit: Only channel 1 is supported, channel 1 is connected to the MAX7301 GPIO expander chip, channel 2 and 3 are not available.
  • SPI device, MAX7301, GPIO expander
  • Wolfson WM9712L AC97
    • AC97 Audio support, standard PXA270 AC97 ALSA supported for Wolfson WF9712
    • AC97 Touchscreen support, Wolfson WM9712 driver
    • AC97 Based Analog Converter, supports up to four analog inputs with 12 bit resolution
  • X11 support, Xorg server is supported through standard framebuffer
  • USB host controller unit, only channel 1 is supported, supports USB mice and USB Mass Storage devices.
  • I2C master unit, standard PXA270 I2C support
  • I2C Realtime Clock (RTC8564)
  • Status LEDs support
  • Serial Interfaces (FFUART, BTUART, STUART)

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