EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH

Embedded Software: RTOS, drivers, protocol stacks, and development tools

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH specializes in embedded software and offers a lot of high-quality products. For nearly 20 years EUROS has successfully supported companies in a variety of industrial sectors such as medical technology, measurement-, automation-, communication-, traffic-engineering and automotive.

EUROS Embedded Systems has a comprehensive product offering… from the Realtime Operating Systems EUROS or EUROSmot (OSEK comliant TROS for automotive applications), extensive driver packages, network protocols like TCP/IP and CANopen, and Cross-development environment i.e. IDE, debugger (EUROScope), Flash tools (EUROSflash), etc…


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EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH offers, in cooperation with PHYTEC, ready-to-use EUROS-Eval-Kits. These Kits allow extensive tests under real conditions of EUROS, EUROSScope and EUROSkit on the desired processor architecture.

All Kits include:

  • EUROS (evaluation version): full functional range, only runtime on target is limited to approximately 30 minutes.
  • EUROScope (temporary license)
  • EUROStrace (temporary license)
  • EUROSkit (temporary license)
  • Toolset: either free tools from GNU or evaluation versions of commercial tools

The following EUROS-Eval-Kits are currently available:

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