Evalboard for 16-bit Infineon C16x-family Controllers

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PART #: KC-167-KSM04

C167CR, 64 KB SRAM, 256 KB Flash




The kitCON is a dedicated Evaluation Board in EURO-card dimensions (160 x 100 mm.) supporting the Infineon C16x-family and its C161, C163, C164CI and C167Cx controllers.  All boards in the kitCON series and offer a wire wrap field for easy integration of user-designed peripheral hardware/circuitry and include all hardware needed for immediate power-up is on-board, including two DB-9 nodes (configurable as RS-232 and/or RS-485/CAN) and power connectors. This hardware setup makes the kitCON series a perfect evaluation platform.

The Infineon C167CR, supported by the kitCON-16, extends the functionality and power of the C166 core by adding full 2.0B CAN on-chip, 16 MB linear address space for CODE and DATA, 111 I/O lines, a 16-channel A/D-converter with 10-bit resolution, 32-channel CAPTURE-COMPARE unit, 4 PWM outputs and 9 Timers/Counters.  The kitCON-164 supports the C164CI, which brings full on-chip CAN technology in a down-scale alternate to the high-featured C167CR.

The kitCON is also available with the following C16x-family controllers.  Please note that availability is subject to quantity on hand, with special order delivery possible with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 25 units:

  • C167CS controller, offering all features of the C167CR and one additional CAN interface

  • C161O/V/K, delivering true 16-bit performance at 8-bit price 


  • Dedicated Evalboard in EURO-card format, including wrap field for user-designed peripheral hardware/circuitry
  • Populated with various Infineon C16x-family controllers
  • 64 KB (to 1 MB) SRAM
  • 256 KB (to 2 MB) Flash
  • All controller signals, ports, data- and address-lines are available at the pin rows adjacent to the wrap field
  • Uniform kitCON-series pin-out (data-bus, address-bus, Chip-Select signals, VCC, GND, ports, Interrupts, Reset, etc.) enables the quick and easy interchange and expansion with supplemental cards, including other kitCON boards
  • RS-232 serial interface and supplemental debug-interface
  • Up to 4 free Chip-Select Signals for easy connection to peripheral hardware
  • Watchdog Timer, Power-Down modes, 3 to 9 Timers/Counters
  • Provision for easy operation with in-circuit emulators via ICEconnect-16x and Quad-Connect connector pods
  • Unregulated 9V/300 mA. power supply
  • Serial cable for Flash download
  • AC adapter


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