Image Processing

Similar to our insert-ready Single Board Computers, PHYTEC offers modular image processing subassemblies designed for easy start-up and integration into end applications. Start your development using our pciGRABBER-4plus in a host-PC. Once you have written code with the assistance of the included Vision CD, port your application to the compatible pc/104GRABBER-4plus, in PC/104 form factor, for embedding in target circuitry. To enable immediate out-of-the-box start-up, both the pciGRABBER-4plus and pc/104GRABBER-4plus are available in Rapid Development Kits that include a camera, lens and combo S-video/power cable.



Configuration: 3 composite-, 1 S-video
PART #: VD-009-X1

Configuration:pciGRABBER-4plus Kit with WK056 combo cable, AK056 camera, AO017 lens
PART #: KVD-009-X1

Start your image processing application using the pciGRABBER-4plus FrameGrabber, which easily inserts into a PCI slot on a host computer.


pc/104 GRABBER-4plus

Configuration: 9 composite-, 1 S-video
PART #: EPC-032-X1

Configuration: pc/104GRABBER-4plus Kit with WK051 cable, AK056 camera, AO017 lens, requires external power supply
PART #: KEPC-032-X1

The pc/104GRABBER-4plus was designed with industrial applications in mind. It offers the same functionality and circuitry as does the pciGRABBER-4plus, but in a small, PC/104-compliant form factor.


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