pc/104 GRABBER-4plus

PC/104 FrameGrabber Connectivit

pc/104 GRABBER-4plus

PART #: EPC-032-X1

9 composite-, 1 S-video

pc/104 GRABBER-4plus

PART #: KEPC-032-X1

pc/104GRABBER-4plus Kit with WK051 cable, AK056 camera, AO017 lens, requires external power supply


The pc/104GRABBER-4plus was designed with industrial applications in mind. It offers the same functionality and circuitry as does the pciGRABBER-4plus, but in a small, PC/104-compliant form factor. A large selection of PC/10 CPU cards, functionally identical to standard desktop PCs and offering variable processing speeds, are available to host this piggy-back image processing system. Software initially developed on a desktop PC can be implemented on the pc/104GRABBER-4plus without any modifications. As a special feature for use in small and cost-effective systems, the pc/104Grabber-4plus can be equipped with a 22W voltage supply that can power the entire image processing system, including the camera. An additional power supply insert-card is therefore not necessary, as the system is powered directly by an unregulated 8...28V direct current. Start your development on the pciGRABBER-4plus, and then port your code to an embedded target using the pc/104GRABBER-4plus.


  • Up to 9x composite, 1x S-video input
  • Maximum resolution 768 x 576 pixels
  • Supports PAL- and NTSC sources
  • Various color resolution and color format selection from the data stream: from 16 million RGB32/YCrCb 4:2:2 colors to 256 gray tone Y8 gray scale for black and white
  • Independent scaling of image size and resolution and programmable image parameters
  • Direct image transfer to the operating memory in real-time
  • DOS, Windows, Twain, LabView, QuickCog and Linux driver software included
  • 12 freely-configurable I/O signals (TTL) for control of user-specific add-on hardware
  • Buffered I/O signal (0...28V / 0.8A)
  • IC interface and 256 byte EEPROM for user data
  • Supports multiple Grabbers in a single system
  • Optional independent power unit supplies PC/104 system and camera: input voltage range: 8...28V DC; output voltages: + 5V DC, 2A; +12V DC, 1A; 22W


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