CAN Software & Hardware

CAN Software & Hardware

Many PHYTEC Single Board Computer modules offer integrated CAN (Controller Area Network) capability. Successful integration of our CAN-capable SBCs into existing embedded network applications or design of brand new systems requires sophisticated CAN development and network analysis tools. Our complementary line of CAN hardware and software products from leading vendors such as PEAK-System Technik and SYSTEC electronic GmbH provide a wide variety of solutions for connecting CAN field bus systems to desktop, laptop or industrial computers. Various levels of CAN analyzing software including message recording and visualization tools affords the CAN network design engineer with a true one-stop-shopping experience.

PC-to-CAN Interfaces

PC-to CAN interfaces are essential for monitoring data traffic in a CAN network or for developing firmware for an embedded CAN application by providing a hardware connection from a host PC to the CAN bus. These interface products are available with various PC and laptop connection types including USB, parallel, serial, PCI and ISA as well as PC card. All PC-CAN interfaces include some basic CAN monitoring software enabling immediate setup verification and initial CAN message viewing.

CAN Accessories

Our CAN accessories include industrial CAN cables, T adapters and CAN cable termination adapters that spare the embedded engineer from building their own cable assemblies.

CAN Industrial Control

Compact, CAN-based automation control systems for universal processing of standard industrial signals, encased in a Phoenix housing and mountable on a DIN/EN rail.

CAN/CANopen IO Nodes

Using these tiny CAN SBCs control engines allow easy and cost-effective addition of digital and analog inputs and outputs to existing CAN systems running proprietary CAN protocols or within standardized CANopen networks.

CAN Software Development Tools

Sophisticated CAN software development and network analyzing tools are essential for complex network design and troubleshooting projects. The popular PCAN Explorer software provides easy and clear access to individual CAN messages and their data contents in numerical or graphical form as well data logging capabilities. CANopen configuration and network simulation tools are also available.

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