PC parallel port to CAN interface with fully usable printer port

The bigger brother to the successful PCAN-Dongle enables cost-effective connection to existing CAN networks. This adapter is supplied in a connector casing and enables operation over any standard parallel PC port. It supports software-driven switching between printer mode and CAN mode. Power is supplied to the PCAN-Dongle PRO through a special adapter connected to the PC's keyboard output.
A jumper allows the Dongle Pro to be operated with either an “82C251” or an “82C252” transceiver. This makes it possible to operate the Dongle Pro on dual-wire or single-wire CAN systems.

The software supplied makes it a simple matter to install and use the dongle, and provides a very helpful means of monitoring CAN bus systems.

Pin assignment 9-pole connector male:   Pin Configuration
  1 +12 V / +5 V / Not connected
  2 CAN-L
  3 CAN-GND / Not connected
  4 Not connected
  5 Not connected
  6 CAN-GND / Not connected
  7 CAN-H
  8 Not connected
  9 +12 V / +5 V / Not connected
  • Baud rate settings up to 1 Mbit/s.
  • SJA1000 controller with 16 MHz clock frequency
  • Compliant with CAN specifications 2.0A (Standard Frame) and 2.0B (Extended Frame)
  • Single-wire compatible (transceiver 82C252)
  • Transceivers 82C251 and 82C252 (via jumper)
  • Logic control by means of integrated CPLD
  • Supports all interrupt and port address settings on the parallel interface
  • The CAN controller can be reset via software
  • Fully usable printer port
  • Software-driven switching from “CAN”
    to “Print” mode
  • Connection via 9-pin DIN assignment
    (to CiA DS102-1)
  • Software-driven switching from “Multiplex” to “Enhanced Parallel Port” mode
  • Individually activated CAN bus supply voltage (5 V/12 V)


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