With sales of over 60,000 PC-CAN interfaces, PEAK-System Technik is one of the market leaders in the field of CAN-PC connections.
Whether you need a plug-in card for the PC, a microcontroller module for temperature recording, or just the right kind of cable – with our CAN product range we can help you concentrate on what is important: developing successful products.

  • Ideal for development, prototype build and small batch runs
  • No software development needed
  • Easy integration into existing networks
  • Customer-specific changes possible at any time


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PCAN MicroMod

Analog and digital I/O modules with CAN interface incl. Windows® configuration software


PCAN MicroMod Evaluation Board

Development board with power supply unit incl. MicroMod module and PCAN-Dongle interface



Digital I/O mini module with CAN interface


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