Optical coupler for CAN data transmission

The PCAN-LWL package enables any CAN section to be replaced by an optical waveguide. The optical waveguide consists of a 62.5/125 Ám duplex fiber optical cable with ST connectors. Conversion can be to High Speed CAN or Low Speed CAN.

Areas of application include EMC measurements on CAN modules, CAN sub-sections with high electromagnetic irradiation and lines through areas protected against the risk of explosion.

The package supplied contains two modules complete with 5 meters of fiber optical cable including connectors. The modules require an external power supply and have a built-in power pack. They can also be powered by batteries.
A suitable battery is available as an option.

Pin assignment 9-pole connector female:   Pin Configuration
  1 Not connected / 5 V Power supply
  2 CAN-L
  3 GND
  4 Not connected
  5 Not connected
  6 Not connected
  7 CAN-H
  8 Not connected
  9 8-30 V Power supply


  • LED display for driver mode
  • High Speed CAN: PCA82C251 driver, bus termination 120 Ohm internal. maximum 500 KBaud
  • Low Speed CAN:
    TJA1054 driver, maximum 125 KBaud, bus termination reversible between
    510 Ohm / 5.6 kOhm, bus-error display
  • Aluminum profile casing
  • CAN bus connection via Sub-D, 9-pin
    (to CiA DS102-1)
  • Supply voltage: 6.5 - 30 V
  • Supply via Sub-D 9-pin, or DC connector (jumper)
  • Battery operation via external battery (7.2 V)


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