PC serial to LIN and CAN interfaces

The PCAN-LIN module enables CAN, LIN and serial users to communicate.
The module is supplied in a plastic casing and includes firmware which enables data to be exchanged between the different bus systems.

The various modules can be set up with the aid of configuration software. Then for instance the module acting as the LIN master can request data and send the incoming LIN data to the CAN bus and/or the serial interface.

The default bit rate for LIN is 19200 bps. Data from CAN is rerouted straight to LIN without offset (offset 0). The default bit rate for CAN is 500 Kbps.

Pin assignment 9-pole connector female:   Pin Configuration
  1 NC (Reserved)
  2 TxD (RS232-level)
  3 RxD (RS232-level)
  4 NC (Reserved)
  5 Ground (GND)
  6 NC (Reserved)
  7 NC (Reserved)
  8 NC (Reserved)
  9 NC (Reserved)


Pin assignment 9-pole connector male:   Pin Configuration
  1 VBAT 8 -18 V (Imax ~ 130 mA)
  2 CAN-L
  3 Ground (GND)
  4 LIN Data
  5 NC (Reserved)
  6 Ground (GND)
  7 CAN-H
  8 NC (Reserved)
  9 NC (Reserved)
  • Compliant with LIN Protocol Specification Rev. 1.2 (power management functions such as Sleep Mode and Wake Up Signal are NOT implemented)
  • Electrical decoupling available between RS232 and CAN/LIN (maximum 1 kV, optional)
  • Available for use as LIN slave or master/slave (no data conditioning when handling a scheduler list in LIN master mode)
  • General-purpose gateway (or router when using Acceptance Code/Acceptance Mask feature) from
    • RS232 to LIN (and back)
    • RS232 to CAN (and back)
    • CAN to LIN (and back)
  • Individual LIN frames can be initiated via CAN or RS232 when LIN Scheduler not active


  • Handle a user-definable LIN-ID list (scheduler with limited number of entries, cyclic handling if required)
Ordering information
Designation Art. No.
Scope of supply
  • Interface in compact plastic casing
  • Voltage supply 8 - 18 V
  • Diskette containing PCAN-LIN Config configuration and monitoring tool for WIN 98/ME and 2000/XP
  • Diskette containing manual in PDF format



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