Model : VOC04


VOC Meter:
Range: 0 - 1000 ppm (can be set to 0 -100ppm, 0 - 250ppm, 0 - 500ppm)

Testech custom design PD1000 designed for sewer measurement.

Built in Temperature/Humidity Sensor.

Proprietary mechanism solve contamination and condensation at PID lamp.

Fully digital interface and control via RS485.

Full diagnostic information of the PID sensor and pump condition.

Ease of quick bump check capabilities.

Designed for interface with Testech VOC04 RTU and gas conditioning sub system.

Response Rate: 15secs

Pump Flow Rate: Up to 800cc/minute.

Long Term Proven Reliability:
Maintain +/- 5ppm of calibated range measurement in Last IC under waste Treatment environment.

Power Input:
External 240VAC +/- 20%

Battery Backup:
Up to 6 hours.

External Serial Interface
RS232C or RS485 for Sensor or Meter Interfacing such as PLCs, Recorder, Gas Sensing Sampler


Weather Proof:
IP66 insects ingress free.












































VOC04 - Complete Automated VOC Monitoring System with Aquerous Sampler




Testech VOC04

This is a fully integrated intelligent VOC measurement systems, designed to withstand harsh sewer measurement condition with saturated high humidity of 100% condensing condition.

This model was designed after years of operating in sewer measurement condition and has resolve the typical issues of contamination associated with normal VOC meters.

As a result this unit does not require frequent maintenance operation for example having to clean the PID lamp every 1 or 2 weeks and recalibrate sensor , as well as rapid deterioration of measurement which result in very low measurements from the condition.

This is possible with a customed design mechanism and control of our PD1000 VOC sensors with built in temperature and humidyt measurement (at the measurement chamber) that compensate the sensor against temperature and humidity.

The unit has been proven to provide accurate reliable reading of +/- 5ppm over a continious operation of 2 months. it is possible to keep operating the unit for up to 4 months - 6 months without having to service the PID sensors.

The PID1000 has built in Sampling Pump, at maximum of 800 cc/minutes which is adjustable.

The PID1000 can be calbrate to 0 - 50ppm, 0 - 100ppm, 0 - 250ppm, 0 - 500ppm and 0 - 1000ppm

Long Life Pump condition and Lamp for 2 - 3 years.
Summary Of Features

Fast gas measurement response rate of 15secs (0 - 100ppm)

Proprietary mechanism and control solve the issue of sensor contamination and condition of normal VOC meters. This unit has proven performance of maintaining measurement at +/-5ppm over 2 months measurement in last IC waste water treatment. It is possible to continuously operate of up to 3 to 5 months without cleaning of calibration the PID sensor.

Complete Automated Gas Sampliing

Fully digital measurement eliminate analog inaccuracies of analog conversion

Full diagnostic of the sensors pump, sensors condition as well as subsystems digitally.

Optimsed control and software reduce maintance and sensor degradation.

Send SMS Alert for corrective action.

Battery backup safeguard against power failures.

Can support optionally Tscada or ClearScada as well as any third party SCADA.

Optional isolated 4-20mA output of sampled measurement interface to customer SCADA.

Solid State Gas Dehumidifier maintain Gas Humidity < 40% even in a 100% saturated Sewer humidity condition.

Beacon and Siren Alarm

External Relay output to support pan stop and customer corrective action system.

Power Input:

240VAC +/- 20%,


Weather Proof:
IP66 insects ingress free.


Last IC : Trade Effluent control and measurement.


The WebBase or Windows Base are SCADA developed by Testech Electronics has allows many units of PM025 to be monitor from one central server using enterprise level SQL server. User Phones/Email are store on the Server, and the unit monitor and logs all the RTU on 24/7 basis.

Specific custom HMI has been developed for Data Monitoring, Water Qualities, Flood level Monitoring, Weather Stations,  Turbidity sensors, Volatile Organic Compound, RainGauge etc. Each parameter of the SCADA IOs can be modify to suit user sensors.

TSCADA support DVR and IP Camera for real time streaming videos integrated into the SCADA remote Monitoring.



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