Model : TSCADA
Wireless Communcation
GSM Ethernet RF WIFI

RTU: PM051E with built in Quad Band GSM/GPRS and Ethernet for external 3G or IP.

Inputs and Outputs
Analog: 4 x 16bit 4-20mA (>30,000 count resolutions in 4-20mA)
Input Loop Impedance: 10ohm
Raing Gauge Input: 2
Digital Input: 8
Latch Relayout Output: 3

Power Input
External 7V-35VDCAdaptor/Solar Panel Charger and SLA Battery, AC Power.

DataLogger Memory
On Board Flash Memory 32KB FRAM, 4MB DataFlash and removable MicroSD up to 1GB.

Sensor Available:
Suspended Solids
PH /Temperature
Rain Gauge
Solar Radiation
Wind Speed and Direction
Water Level and Liquid Float.
Solar Powered Inverter































































The TSCADA V2 is developed Testech Electronics offering a completely revamp new approach to SCADA HMI Server. TSCADA currently works with Testech PM051, PM052, SA020, PM020, PM025 ranges of RTU and it can work with any standard SMS Base (Text or PDU), ModBus TCP based Remote Datalogger Telemetry Unit and is designed for Real Time Logging/update, and Remote Control of the Datalogger from teh SCADA via Wireless or IP. IEEE 802 and DNP3 are integrated on demand

Web Addonallows  customer to login from anywhere in the world using any Web Client Software such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari or even your Mobile Web Browser to view in real time your remote logger.

The PC server is equipped with an external GSM/GPRS Modem. LAN with broadband connection requires for GPRS or 3G Operation.

An important feature of Tetech TSCADA is the tight integration of the Testech RTUs which has added advantage of automatic backfilling for data that were missing, as well as allowings remote configuration and reset of the remote terminal unit. Software upate over the air shall be supported.

IOTag Setup

All Analog and Digital input are define as IOTags that can be invididually configure for every RTU and invidually scaled, setup and therefore offering an unlimited flexibility in monitoring for almost any kind of situation.

Historic Data

Historic Data can be view in data Column format, and user can define each invidual IOs. Each Remote Stations can be videw with user specific date and time range. All historic data can be exported as Excel, CSV, Text file to user to download and post processing.

Historical Trend

Historical Trend can be plot with user specific date and time range and the graph will be automically or manually scaled and up to 8 analog IOs can be plot on the same graph with different color and legend as well as individual vertical scale.Trend can be exported as pdf file


For more information contact us including any custom build requirements. We welcome customisation enquiry.

Alarm Module

Alarm module provides user settable different level of IOTag Alarm, as well as sending out SMS or Email alert to subscribed users for instant notification of alarm condition in real time.

OnDemand File Upload

Proprietary packet base file transfer via GPRS/3G/Iridium or GSM Data dial up allows to transfer file from datalogger memory and resumption from last data packet failures should the network drop. Upon successful datalog all data are automatically synchronise to the database and the graph and data can be plot and view.

Schedule File UpLoad (In Progressed)

Remote RTU will be able to automatically schedule a datalog file transfer upload to the server automatically for battery powered logger RTU to preserve power.

Real Time Calender Clock Synchronisation

Real time daily synchronisation of remote RTU realtime clock/calender ensure all RTU are synchronised to server.

Remote Activation of Relay Output

The Latch Relays on the testech RTU can be remotely activated in real time using TSCADA.



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