Model : PM025V3 (3G)

Grapic LCD Display
128 x 64 pixel Backlit

Telit Quad Band GSM/3G

Alunimum IP66 enclosure Temperature Meter Alarm (0-100degC+/- 0.1degC)

Inputs and Outputs:
8 Protected Dry Contact Input
2 Analog Input (0-5V/4-20mA/0-25mA) [Std] OR 1 NTC Thermistor Sensor

Option: W50 Temperature Display with Alarm Relay output

Option: Lightweight Aluminium IP66 Enclosure with Built in UPS Battery (5 days Backup), Ligthing Arrestor and ON/OFF Control.

Option: Low cost PVC Enclosure with 3Pin Power Plug and W50 Temperature Alarm Controller

Power Input:
External 7V-28V

External Serial Interface
RS232C or RS485 for Sensor or Meter Interfacing such as Energy Meter, Flow Transmitter, Gas Transmitter, Analyzers.

RTU DIN Szie Dimension:
72mmW x 88mmH x 59mmD

Aluminium IP66 Enclosure 300mmW x 450mmH x 180mmD








































































































































PM025 -  SMS Alert and 3G Data Unit with optional Temperature Display Alarm, IP66 Weatherproof enclosure or Economical PVC Enclosure

  3G Supported
  Factory Built complete Enclosure with UPS Power and Temp Display Alarm



The PM025 is a low power embedded wireless platform design for  Wireless Alert, Telemetry, and datalogging applications using GSM (Supports Quad Band) for SMS Alert and 3G Telemetry Application.

Optional W50 Temperature Display allows user setpoint Lo or Hi Alarm with relay output for triggering alarm in the range of 0 - 100degC +/- 0.1degC

This unit consumes low power with ability to power managed external 4-20mA Sensor, or 0-5, 0-10V. Our standard Enclosure solutions offer the UPS Backup Battery allows for up to 5 days power backup for the RTU

Customised prototocol allows interface to energy Meter Units, Room Air Temperature, Door Open Close and Alarm unit as well as Fire Alarm Sensor.
Optional Temperature Sensor allows Temperature Lo and Hi Alarm from 0—100degC +/- 0.1degC with user selectable trip point.

Optional Aluminium Powder Coated Light Weight Wall Mount or Pole Mount IP66 Enclosure with UPS Backup Battery provide up to 5 days of backup power for the RTU, includes Power Lightning Arrestor and AC Supply and Misc On/OFF Switch.

Or economical PVC enclosure for indoor IP55 usage, for powering using normal 13Amp House Socket. The terminal allows user to easily terminate signals using Barrier Terminal

Built in Graphic LCD

The graphic LCD (128 x 64 pixel) shows GSM Network Status, SMS Send and receive status as well as Input Status.  Eliminate Laptop in the field to view status event or maintenance test. Standard display is 20 characters x 4 lines. This save cost of technician attending at site or regular test

FREE Driverless USB Interface HMI Setup

Supports  native USB High Speed Interface with an embedded USB Device Stacks for HID.  This is driverless and will runs on any newer PC Operating Systems that will have HID Interface including WIN7, WIN10,WIN11.

LEVEL Monitoring Application

Serial Interface low power level Sensor (0—6Meters) for level sensing applicaton. For Low power we provide RS485 digital Level Sensor.

Built In Battery Backed RealTime Clock/Calender.


Onboard Solid State Flash Memory provides 1MBYTE of Datalog memory that is not affected by battery. Supports 16,000 points Datalog memory.


Level Monitoring, Electrical Panel, Power Trip, Aircon trip, Alarm Interface, Fire Alarm, Water Leak Alarm, Gas Sensor Monitoring, UPS


PC Central Monitoring and Real Time SCADA HMI


PM025 RTU can be easily setup via USB link to any PC running a Terminal . Login account are supported with name + password.   This allows for very easy user friendly GUI base setup and Serial Terminal Emulator are no longer required.  Setup can be save in the PC for duplication of RTU.  Firmware update are supported for field upgrade.  Datalog are downloaded at USB High Speed in CSV Format and can be imported into Excel for analysis

Easily Setup Digital and Analog IO

The Digital Setup are easily setup with IO description, Individual Alarm Message for Low level or High Level Alarm and each Digital Input can be individually enabled or disabled.
Analog Input allows for user engineering unit, Zero and Span settings as well as Low level Alarm or High Level Alarm in user set limits.
Analog input can be individually enabled or disable to generate alarm.

Adding Group and Phones

PM025 supports 2 Groups of 10 phones. The group can be setup to be users of 20 phones in total or it could be setup as as user group (10phones) or a Supervisor Group (10 phones) that allows acknowledgement and Escalation.
That is if user group does not acknoweldge SMS within a user set number of acknowledgement limits, the unit shall escalate the SMS to the Supervsior Group. Phones can also be change remotely  using SMS instead of PC Setup.

SMS Functionality

Each DIN (Low Event, High Event), AIN (Low Alarm, High Alarm) can be assigned individually to the 2 Groups.  SMS Escalation with user define acknowlegement timeout for up to 5 Escalation Repeatation at individual defined interval are supported.
SMS Message content can be customised.

GPRS Functionality.

GPRS Packet can be configured to send out at fixed interval (as short as 5secs) typically at 1min to 5 min interval for real time Remote Logging. Requires TSCADA Software installed on PC.


Testech hosted online monitoring of level monitoring, allows Online view, download of data and export to CSV format.

Email alert for the level above sensing limit.


Typical Applications that uses PM025 for cost effective SMS Alert and logging.

Level Monitoring

PM025 accept up to 8 float switches and 2 4-20mA Analog Sensors (Hydrostatic Level sensor, Barometric Sensors or water Qualities Sensors). PM025 draw low power which means smaller battery and solar power.

Level Sensor is 0-6Meters, Digital Itnterface to the PM025 RS485 interface.

Logging of Event Trigger (Discrete float switch level sensors, solid state Level Sensors) as well as Regular Log of analog sensor is possible (min 1mins logging).

SMS Alarm can be send, or remote SMS query.  This makes a cost effective proposal as lower cost sensor can be use to compete in projects.


Water Qualtiies and Weather Monitoring

Connect to Aqua Sensors (DO, PH, ORP, Ammonia etc) Water Qualties for river, fish farm, river pollution, Sensor via the 4-20mA Sensors, Log Data and send SMS Alert.

Customised service avail for digital sensors via RS485 , that eliminate the need for 4-20mA and related power consumption issue.
RainGauge (PM025RG) is for raintip logging (select 0.1mm, 0.2mm or 0.5mm RainGauges)

Water Qualtiies and Weather Monitoring

Monitoring of sewer level for construction site,  send SMS when sewer level surcharge.

Monitoring of noise level in construction site (using noise level monitor, A weighting).

Electrical Panel Monitoring

Using the digital input, connect to the Auxillary Relay to monitor Power trip, AC Generator, Air contrip,  Pumping Panel or Water Tank.

The PM025 has built in LCD to ease remote check and status check without having to connect a laptop.

User can remotely SMS (authorized phone number) to check status to verify alarm.


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