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Testech design complete solutions as well as integrate customer specified sensors into Real Time (or timed upload) remote monitoring systems. The wireless supports includes GSM GPRS HSPA (or CDMA on demand), SMS, Iridium Satellite, WIFI, RF, and wired TCPIP via broadband or analog Voice grade data modem.

We provide Remote Wireless Datalogger Telemetry, Wireless Gateway, Interface to Sensors (Level, Flow, Water Qualities, Weather Sensors, Rain Gauges, Gas Monitoring) or user specific instruments with complete SCADA Logger and HMI Backend. WebServer allows remote client to view the Trend and Log in real time update, or view and download historic list and trend for anaysis. Our webserver can support non proprietary client including Android, IOS or Windows Mobile Phone, as well as standard deskop Webbrowser including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

A look at what our software can do


RTU Telemetry Unit


M2M (GSM/3G/SMS, WIFI, RF, Satellite, Ethernet)  Applications

Sensor, instrument data logging, and onsite as well as sending to central monitoring station to allow real time monitoring for Fish Farm, Water Level, Flood Alert, Water Quality (Turbidity, PH, Conductivity, DO, ORP, Temp, Chorophyll), Weather (WindSpeed, Wind Direction,. RainGauge, Solar Radiation, Temp/RH) , Gas Sensing (including volatile Organic Compound, H2S, LEL, CO, etc) measurements. Remote real time logging via our TSCADA allows real time SMS and Email alert as well as web enable data view, Graph Chart and Download as well historical view from remote client using standard Web Browser.

SCADA Remote Monitoring. Real Time Wireless and IP/SMS HMI Realtime logging, Alert for windows and Webserver. Real time logging and display and SMS/Email Alert, History Trend and Graph, Report. OnDemand Remote File Upload from the RTU via GPRS, 3G or GSM Dial up. Remote Activation of switch, Pump, Motors, activation etc.

Analogue Interfacing (ADC, DAC, Relay drivers etc) such as Temperature Sensors (RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistor), Strain Gauges, Voltage, Current for AC/DC or 4-20mA process indication with digital calibration.

UPS And Computer DataCentre Backup System Monitoring. Connect to your dry contact relay out of your UPS backup system to notify personel of power outage, high temperature, Fire Alarm Panels.

PLC and Scada Remote Monitoring. Add wireless alarm or remote information retrieval to your existing Programmable Logic Controller and SCADA. we can interface to selected PLC to remotely obtain status or issue command to the PLC.

Industrial Systems. Interface to Industrial Controllers, Panels Meter, DCS.

Factory Machine and Plants Breakdown Notification.
Monitor Machine Running and Breakdown service notification.

Motor, Pumps, Compressors Monitoring. Monitoring Pump, Motor and Compressors breakdown and stoppage.

Process Instruments, Panel Meters Alarm Limit. Alert personels when process parameter indicates over/under limti alarms.

Electrical Panel and Firealarm Panels. Immediate notification on emergy and verfication of electrical panels and fie alarm panels.

Remote Sensors, Metering Applications. Interface to industrial sensors, 4-20mA, digital interface via RS232C, RS485, RS422, SDI12, Ethernet IP, or analog voltages/current as well as bridge sensors for remote measurement. Direct interface to resistance sensors such as RTD, Thermistor, Resistance Bridge are available. Testech specialized in custom design to integrate all the above to save power, space and cost.

Building Automation, HVAC and Facility Monitoring. Interface to Building Automation System, HVAC measurement and controls.

Lift Monitoring. Lift breakdown notification.

HealthCare. Remote vital signs monitorings.

Security And Remote Surveillance.

Public Traffic Systems.

ColdRoom Temperature Monitoring. Interface to multiple temperature sensors for coldroom refrigeration systems. Logging and Send SMS Email alert. Web view of historical trned.

Others: Testech Provide custom design Embedded Controllers, Microcontroller Design and Programming, Electronic Controller board, IO Interface Board, GPS, RF Modules Integration, Real time Remote File Transfer with encryption, Wireless Remote Monitoring, Telemetry,  Data encryption  to your needs Please contact us for no obligation discussion. For example interface to User equipments, PLCs, BAS, Datalogger, Sensors, mobile asset, Tracking, AMR, Sensor Interfacing, Instrument Interface,  Volage/Current, Meters  etc.

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