Wireless Systems Automate Oxygen Monitoring

The wireless In-Situ® Aquaculture System includes oxygen monitoring buoys, aerator controllers, and software. The self-contained buoy automatically sends oxygen readings to a PC or laptop.

Solar-powered buoys eliminate wiring and trenching. Simply anchor the buoy in the pond, install PC software onto your "base station" computer, connect the PC to a radio modem, and start monitoring oxygen levels.

Real-Time Aerator Control

Oxygen readings are transmitted to the PC every 4 minutes. If oxygen levels reach a critical level, the PC transmits messages to an aerator controller. The controller switches on aerators.

The system monitors oxygen levels and aerator status (on, off, amperage draw, alarm, etc.) and reports the status back to the PC. Aerators run only when needed—saving energy and wear on equipment.

Save Money & Minimize Risks

In-Situ Inc.'s monitoring and control systems will:

  • Reduce energy expenses and annual maintenance costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce the risk of a fish kill, year-round, 24/7
  • Improve the quality-of-life for independent farmers















Wireless Aquaculture System

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