Customize the TROLL 9500 for Your Project

The TROLL® 9500 Water Quality Instrument can be used for groundwater and surface-water monitoring. The TROLL 9500 is a powerful, portable unit that houses up to nine water quality sensors, internal power, and optional data logging capabilities. Select sensors that you use most.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save time and money with automated low-flow sampling, field-replaceable sensors, long-lasting internal power, connection to TROLL® Link Telemetry Systems for remote data management, and more.
  • Reduce maintenance and site visits with the field-proven RDO Sensor.

Field-Ready Design

  • Corrosion-resistant housing suitable for fresh, waste, and marine waters
  • Field-replaceable sensors for easy maintenance and calibration

Proven Accuracy

  • A factory report, using NIST®-traceable standards where applicable, is included with each unit.
  • The RDO Sensor performs to its specifications over long-term deployments.

Simplified Operation

  • Innovations like Quick Cal Solution, twist-lock cable connectors, and user-friendly software make your job easier.
  • S2XP Restrictor allows a full suite of sensors on a sub-2 inch instrument. Rent this accessory exclusively from In-Situ Rentals.







TROLL® 9500 Water Quality Instruments

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