New smarTROLL™ Multiparameter Handheld with Smartphone App

The smarTROLL Multiparameter (MP) Handheld combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility. The intuitive iSitu®Application eliminates training time and runs on your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® device.

Simply connect the smarTROLL MP Handheld to a battery pack, launch the iSitu App, and start reading results. No warm-up time or tedious setup. The iSitu App guides you through spot checks, calibrations, and data management.

Measure Up to 14 Parameters

  • Chemical parameters: Dissolved oxygen, conductivity (actual or specific), pH, ORP, salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, and density
  • Physical parameters: Air and water temperature, barometric pressure, water level, and water pressure

Mitigate Risks with Fast Spot Checks

  • Easily check water quality—The intuitive smartphone application displays results instantly so that you can respond quickly to changing conditions.
  • Consistently control water quality and optimize growing conditions with routine spot checks.
  • Use the smarTROLL Handheld to quickly check the performance of life support systems.

Get Instant Results

  • Quickly set up the handheld—Simply connect the battery pack to the probe, launch the iSitu App, and start reading results.
  • Track every tank/pond with one device—The iSitu App stores site details, including photos and GPS coordinates. Recognize sites quickly.

Keep Coworkers Informed

  • Instantly report pond or tank conditions—Send a snapshot of real-time data to coworkers from your smartphone. You can also send data logs in a spreadsheet.
  • Work from anywhere—Use wired or wireless connection.


Reduce Maintenance Time and Tasks

  • Use robust, low-maintenance sensors and probe in any aquaculture setting.
  • Get long-lasting calibrations and reliable data.
  • If you need to calibrate sensors, they automatically recognize calibration solutions and calibration data is stored in the sensors.
  • Stay current with automatic iSitu App updates.

Use the smarTROLL System Anywhere

  • Use your smartphone with the smarTROLL system—No need to purchase an expensive handheld meter.
  • Use one multiparameter handheld instead of multiple probes or test kits.
  • Collect data your way—Take real-time snapshots of data or log data to your smartphone.
  • Quickly disinfect the handheld to maintain biosecurity.


  • Aquariums
  • Fresh water and saltwater production
  • Hatchery operations
  • Open pen production systems
  • Raceways
  • Recirculating, partial reuse, and flow-through systems

















































smarTROLL MP Handheld

Key Specifications

Durable design: PVC, Acetal, titanium, 316 stainless steel, Viton®, PC/PMMA

Chemical parameters: Dissolved oxygen, conductivity (actual and specific), pH, ORP

Derived parameters: Salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, and density

Physical parameters: Air temperature, water temperature, barometric pressure, water level, and water presure (absolute/non-vented)

Accurate Results

  • Barometric pressure (battery pack): ±3 mbar
  • Conductivity: ±0.5% + 1 µS/cm typical; ±1% max. range
  • Dissolved Oxygen: ±0.1 mg/L from 0 to 8 mg/L; ±0.2 mg/L from 8 to 20 mg/L; ±10% of reading from 20 to 50 mg/L
  • Level/Depth/Pressure: Typical ±0.1% full scale (FS) @ 15° C; ±0.3% FS max. from 0 to 50° C
  • ORP: ±5.0 mV
  • pH: ±0.1 pH unit from 0 to 12 pH units
  • Temperature (probe): ±0.1° C
  • Temperature (battery pack): ±2° C

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