Multipurpose smarTROLL Battery Pack for Use with smarTROLL Handheld Instruments

Use the smarTROLL™ Battery Pack in conjunction with the smarTROLL™ Multiparameter Handheld Instrumentor the smarTROLL RDO® Handheld Instrument. Simply connect the battery pack to the smarTROLL Probe.

The Bluetooth®-enabled battery pack wirelessly transmits water quality data to an iOS device running the iSitu® Smartphone App. The iSitu App's battery life indicator displays hours of remaining battery life.

The IP-67 rated battery pack includes a convenient belt clip. An LED indicates connection to the probe and to the smartphone device running the iSitu App.

Your smarTROLL Multiparameter or RDO Handheld System includes the smarTROLL Battery Pack. You can also order it separately.



smarTROLL™ Battery Pack

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