Protect Your Investment with Desiccant

Desiccant is an integral part of vented RuggedCable®Systems, telemetry systems, and controllers. Desiccant prevents moisture from damaging electronic devices, particularly in wet and humid environments. The picture above shows (from left to right):

  • Desiccant that is new
  • Desiccant that is partially exhausted, but still suitable for use
  • Desiccant that is completely exhausted and should be replaced

Desiccant Options for Your Equipment

Desiccant for RuggedCable Systems—Choose from a range of sizes, refill kits, and more. NEW Extra Large Desiccant is ideal for high-humidity sites, remote sites, and sites that require fast sampling rates.

Desiccant packs—Use with Con TROLL® PRO Systems or with TROLL® Link Telemetry Systems

Desiccant for TROLL Link Telemetry Systems

Replacement Desiccant

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