RDO Sensors for the TROLL 9500

Two styles of the Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO®) Sensor are available for use with the TROLL® 9500 Water Quality Instrument.

RDO Direct-Connect Sensor
This sensor is ideal for DO measurements on a sub-2 inch sonde. A TROLL 9500 fitted with the RDO Direct-Connect Sensor also can include:

  • pH/ORP or ISE sensor
  • Conductivity sensor 

Cable-Connect RDO Sensor
This sensor is ideal for applications where turbidity and/or pressure sensors are required, resulting in a sub-4 inch sonde. A TROLL 9500 fitted with the RDO Cable-Connect Sensor can contain a full suite of sensors:

  • pH, pH/ORP or ISE sensor
  • ISE sensor
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Turbidity, pressure, or both 












Key Specifications

Operating range: 0 to 50 mg/L


  • ±0.1 mg/L from 0 to 8 mg/L
  • ±0.2mg/L from 8 to 20 mg/L
  • ±10% of reading from 20 to 50 mg/L

Response time: T90: <45 sec.; T95: <60 sec.

Pressure rating: 150 psi from 0 to 50° C and 300 psi @ 25° C

Depth rating: 211.0 m (692.1 ft)

Operating temperature: -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F)




RDO Sensors

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