RDO Fast Cap for smarTROLL Handheld Instruments

The blue RDO® Fast Cap is designed especially for In-Situ® Inc.'s new smarTROLL™ Multiparameter Handheld Instrument. The RDO Fast Cap provides exceptionally fast response for spot checking applications.

The RDO Fast Cap has a 12-month typical life and a total shelf life of 36 months. Store the cap in its factory packaging prior to use and install by the date printed on the label.

The iSitu™ Smartphone App will begin warning the user when 90 days of cap life remain. The user can then choose to be reminded again in a certain number of days (e.g., 30 days, 5 days, etc.).

The robust RDO Fast Cap allows for real-time compensation of salinity and barometric pressure for the most accurate dissolved oxygen readings.

A maximum storage time of 24 months prior to installation is recommended so that a full 12 months of usage is acheived. You do not need to stock replacement caps.

RDO-X Sensor Cap for RDO PRO-X Probe

  • No shelf life
  • Allows user to access sensor health diagnostics
  • Two-year guarantee in typical applications



















RDO Sensor Replacement Cap

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