OEM Solutions

In-Situ® Inc. partners with leading companies to deliver advanced systems for water monitoring. BreakthroughRugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO®) Technology and the multi-purpose Con TROLL® PRO System can be used in a variety of aquaculture and water treatment settings.

RDO Technology Advances DO Monitoring

In-Situ Inc.’s RDO Technology has rapidly gained acceptance as the premier technology for optical measurement of DO. In-Situ customers benefit from extensive field testing and EPA-approval of three RDO methods—DO, BOD, and CBOD.

RDO Technology can be used in process, field, and laboratory settings. For example, the RDO PRO-X Probe offers robust performance in industrial settings. The RDO Sensor can be adapted for use in field and lab instruments.

Con TROLL PRO Simplifies Process Control

The Con TROLL PRO System is designed for process control and integration into a SCADA or PLC system. The system automatically recognizes In-Situ instruments, like the RDO PRO-X Probe. The Con TROLL PRO complies with UL/CSA safety standards and meets CE and FCC standards for heavy-industrial environments.











OEM Solutions

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