Key Specifications

  • Uses 900 mHz frequency for use in United States and Canada
  • Networks up to 33 parameters into a single TROLL® Link System
  • Networks up to 8 slave radios into each TROLL Link System
  • FlexPower™ options allow for +10 to 30 VDC, solar, and battery power sources for low power applications

One Radio, Three Functions

MultiHop Data Radios are wireless industrial communication devices used to extend the range of a Modbus or other serial communication network. One radio can act as:

  • MultiHop Master Radio: Within a network of MultiHop Data Radios, there is only one master radio. The master radio controls the overall timing of the network and is always the parent device for other MultiHop Radios. The host system connects to this master radio.
  • MultiHop Repeater Radio: When a MultiHop Radio is set to repeater mode, it acts as both a parent and a child. The repeater receives data packets from its parent, then re-transmits the data packet to the children within the repeater’s network. The incoming packet of information is re-transmitted on both the radio link and the local serial link.
  • MultiHop Slave Radio: This radio is the end device of the MultiHop network. A radio in slave mode does not retransmit the data packet on the radio link, only on the local serial (wired) bus.

Network formation continues to build the hierarchical structure until all MultiHop Radios connect to a parent radio. A MultiHop Radio can only have one designated parent radio. If a radio loses synchronization to the wireless network, it may reconnect to the network through a different parent radio.

Install Wireless Water Monitoring Networks with MultiHop Radios

With Banner Engineering MultiHop Data Radios, you can build wireless water monitoring networks that use In-Situ® instruments, provide real-time data, improve project efficiency, and reduce expenses. Radios can be networked with In-Situ instruments into a TROLL® Link Telemetry System or SCADA/PLC System.

MultiHop networks can be made up of one or many master radios. For simplified deployment, a single MultiHop Radio can be configured as a master, repeater, or slave radio.

  • The master device controls the overall wireless network.
  • The repeater mode allows for range extension of the wireless network.
  • The slave mode is used at the end point of a wireless network.

Real-Time Data

  • Stay connected 24/7 and eliminate data loss due to changes in signal strength by using the industry's only self-healing radio technology.
  • Collect, view, and manage data from remote sites without leaving the office.
  • Share data with colleagues and clients by using the In-Situ Data Center.
  • Understand the status of your monitoring sites at a glance—simply log in to the In-Situ Data Center.
  • Wirelessly connect to your SCADA/PLC system.

Real-Time Efficiency

  • Quickly set up an instrument network by using Win-Situ® 5 Software.
  • Respond quickly to changing site conditions and receive alarm notifications as a phone call, text message, or email.
  • Streamline your workflow by eliminating manual data collection.
  • Extend radio range simply by adding an antenna.


MultiHop Data Radios

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