Key Specifications

Range of deployment options: 1.83-cm (0.72-in) diameter titanium housing is suitable for harsh environments. The TROLL Shield Antifouling Nose Cone extends instrument depolyments at high-fouling sites.

Durable design: Titanium

Extended battery life: Typical battery life is 10 years or 2 million readings

Simplified data download: Uses Win-Situ® Software and RuggedCable® System

Range: 15 psig (11 m; 35 ft)

Accurate readings
Pressure sensor: ±0.01 foot up to 10 ft and ±0.1% of reading > 10 ft
Temperature sensor: ±0.1° C

Advanced logging options: Linear, fast linear, linear average, step linear, event, and true logarithmic

SCADA and telemetry ready: Uses open communication protocols, including Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, and 4-20 mA

Versatile power options: Uses external battery pack or line power





Level TROLL 700H Data Logger Meets the OSW Surface-Water Spec

Comply with the Office of Surface Water by using the industry's most accurate water level logger. The Level TROLL® 700H meets the surface-water specification of ±0.01 foot.

Use In-Situ Inc.'s high-performance Level TROLL 700H for surface-water monitoring applications. The gauged (vented) Level TROLL 700H can be used to:

  • Capture multiple peak flow events on one data log by using the Event logging mode.
  • Automate data collection at user-defined intervals—Uses standard Win-Situ® 5 and Win-Situ®Mobile Software
  • Log data by choosing one of six logging modes—Linear, Fast Linear, Linear Average, Event, Step Linear, and True Logarithmic.

Designed for Long-Term Deployments

  • Deploy the rugged titanium instrument in fresh water or saltwater and get reliable performance for years.
  • Access data when you need it by connecting to a TROLL® Link Telemetry System, MultiHop Data Radio, Con TROLL® PRO System, RuggedReader® Handheld PC, or a third-party data logger or sampler.
  • Get long-lasting batteries—Batteries typically last for a minimum of 10 years or 2 million readings. 8-36 VDC input is compatible with external batteries and solar panels.











Level TROLL 700H Data Logger













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