Monitoring Water Level and Water Quality

From advanced aquifer characterization, to long-term monitoring, to economical data collection, In-Situ® Inc. instruments yield accurate measurements, powerful data logging, and flexible communications. You'll find an instrument perfectly suited to your water level or water quality application.







  • Aquaculture monitoring systems and water quality instruments
  • Water level sensors including data loggers and water level meters
  • Water quality sensors including handhelds with smartphone interface, optical dissolved oxygen sensors, and water quality data loggers
  • Cables including direct-read cables for real-time access to data
  • Communication systems including controllers, handheld PCs, and communication devices
  • Wireless systems including telemetry, radios, and data management software
  • Accessories including antifouling systems, calibration kits, and maintenance kits
  • Consumables including calibration solutions, desiccant, and RDO® Caps
  • OEM solutions and capabilities











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