Groundwater Monitoring

Water professionals use In-Situ® Inc. water level and water quality monitoring instruments to manage valuable groundwater resources.

Characterizing Groundwater

Aquifer characterization studies include slug and pumping tests. Data collected from these tests is used to calculate important hydrological parameters – hydraulic conductivity (K), transmissivity (T), storage coefficient (S), radius of influence, and other parameters.

Monitoring Water Level

Groundwater level data is used to determine annual and long-term changes in groundwater supplies. Data is used in a variety of ways: to develop management plans, to determine water influences and usages, to estimate recharge rates, and to determine direction and gradient of groundwater flow.

Assessing Water Quality

Monitoring groundwater quality occurs in a variety of settings – in-situ remediation sites, aquifer storage and recovery projects, tracer studies, tracking impacts of road salt, and more.


Groundwater Monitoring

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