Data Management Platform Automates Access to Data Loggers

EQuIS™ is the most widely used environmental data management software in the world. You can more easily manage environmental, geotechnical, limnological, and other sample data with EQuIS™ Software.

Data from In-Situ® Inc.’s data loggers, including Aqua TROLL®, Level TROLL, Rugged TROLL, and BaroTROLL® Data Loggers, now interface with EQuIS™ Software. You’ll eliminate manual data downloads. Plus, you’ll have the ability to view data graphically for trend analysis and the ability to set alarm notifications suited to project requirements.

EQuIS™ Live Manages Real-Time Data

Data from In-Situ Inc.’s loggers can be automatically loaded using EQuIS™ Live and viewed in user-defined, web-based dashboards. EQuIS™ Live provides for automated data collection via telemetry.

  • Collect data from multiple stationary and mobile loggers concurrently
  • Use data to trigger alerts and to auto-fill website dashboards
  • Manage raw data feeds directly from data loggers
  • Upload historical data for comprehensive analysis

Manage data logger calculations and data parsing:

  • Data reduction by aggregating data to hourly, daily, or weekly frequency
  • Aggregation by summing multiple raw data feeds into a single value for permit monitoring
  • Correction by applying data correction formulas to raw data

Thresholds on data can be set for acceptable ranges and expected frequencies with user-defined qualifiers.












Data Management System

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