Communicate with Your Water Quality Instrument

The Comm Kit provides the link between your PC and your RDO® PRO Probe or Aqua TROLL® 400 Multiparameter Instrument. The device passes power to the instrument and is used to set up and calibrate your instrument.

The Comm Kit contains:

  • Communication Device with USB connector
  • Comm Kit Software disk
  • 9V battery






















The Comm Kit has a NEMA-1 rating and is suitable for general purpose, indoor use.

Warranty: 90 days

Battery Life

Calibrating: 100+ calibrations with a single battery

Continuous use (1 reading/sec): Approx. 8 hours

Monitoring (1 reading/15 min): Approx. 13 days

No readings: 2 weeks when connected to an RDO PRO Probe or Aqua TROLL 400 Instrument




Communication Kit

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