Key Specifications

Range of deployment options: Sub-2 inch unit can be used for groundwater and surface-water applications. The durable instrument and sensors stand up to harsh environments—from saltwater to remediation sites to hydraulic fracturing impoundments.

Durable design: PVC, Acetal, Titanium, 316 stainless steel, Viton®, PC/PMMA

Supported parameters: Actual conductivity, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, temperature, water level/depth/pressure (absolute)

Derived parameters: Salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, and density

Max. pressure rating: 112 m (368 ft); 160 psi

Accurate readings
Conductivity: ±0.5%+1 µS/cm typical; ±1% max. range
Dissolved Oxygen: ±0.1 mg/L from 0 to 8 mg/L; ±0.2 mg/L from 8 to 20 mg/L; and ±10% of reading for 20 to 50 mg/L
Level/Depth/Pressure: Typical ±0.1% full scale (FS) @ 15° C; ±0.3% FS max. from 0-50° C
ORP: ±5.0 mV
pH: ±0.1 pH unit
Temperature: ±0.1° C

Versatile power options: 8-36 VDC (no internal battery). Use with PLC/SCADA system, external battery, or solar-powered telemetry system.

SCADA/PLC and telemetry ready: Uses open communication protocols—Modbus/RS485 and SDI-12



New Aqua TROLL 400 Instrument for Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring

Designed for aquaculture facilities, the Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Instrument eliminates complicated setup and provides instant access to water quality data. The instrument leverages In-Situ® Inc.'s patented, EPA-approved RDO® Technology. The compact instrument houses six water quality sensors and monitors 12 parameters:

  • Actual and specific conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity, and density
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • ORP
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Water level and water pressure (absolute) 


  • Fresh water and saltwater production
  • Hatchery operations
  • Open pen production
  • Raceways
  • Recirculating, partial reuse, and flow-through systems

Improved Risk Management

  • Instrument continuously monitors and reports results in real time. You can respond quickly to changing conditions.
  • Operations can minimize fish stress, disease, and mortality by consistently controlling water quality.
  • By connecting to a SCADA/PLC system, you will receive alarm notifications when water quality deteriorates.
  • DO readings are automatically compensate for salinity and barometric pressure with a controller. 

Increased Productivity

  • One easy-to-use probe automates monitoring.
  • Long-lasting calibrations reduce maintenance.
  • Simplified installation reduces errors and training time. 

Seamless Integration

  • With open communication protocols, the instrument easily interfaces with your current system. Connect the instrument to a SCADA/PLC system or controller.
  • For a local display, controller, and data logger, use the Con TROLL PRO System.
  • To power the probe, use a SCADA/PLC system or the Con TROLL PRO System.
















Aqua TROLL 400 Instrument

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